gopass is a simple but powerful password manager for your terminal.

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100% API-compatible to pass

Every other app will work with the basics of gopass, too. Just jump in with your existing setup!

git by default

We initialize a git repository in your store by default. Additionally we automatically pull and push if you write to the store.

Support for multiple stores

Out of the box we support not only the common default store, but you can add as many other stores, so-called mounts, as you like.

Easier management of recipients

We prompt you to verify the recipients you're about to encrypt for by default, so you can be sure to always target the right people.

Compatible with iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox apps

Because we're compatible with pass there are other projects out there that you can use to complement gopass on other platforms. We even have our own Browser plugin.

Store binary data

With gopass you can store more than just simple passwords. You are able to store any kind of data as binary to the password store.
Coming soon!


Debian and Ubuntu

  • Using the deb package diretly:
    sudo dpkg -i gopass_1.15.13_linux_amd64.deb
  • Using our APT repository:
    curl | sudo tee /usr/share/keyrings/gopass-archive-keyring.gpg
    cat << EOF | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gopass.sources
    Types: deb
    Suites: stable
    Architectures: amd64 arm64 armhf
    Components: main
    Signed-By: /usr/share/keyrings/gopass-archive-keyring.gpg
    sudo apt install gopass-archive-keyring gopass
WARNING: Debian and it's derivates ship a package `gopass` that is not related to `gopass`. See #1849 for more information.

Alpine Linux

apk add gopass


sudo pacman -S gopass


emerge -av gopass


dnf install gopass

RedHat / CentOS

dnf copr enable daftaupe/gopass
dnf install gopass

Binary Download

Download (1.15.13)


brew install gopass

Binary Download

Download (1.15.13)


choco install gpg4win
choco install gopass


scoop install gopass

Binary Download

Download (1.15.13)


cd /usr/ports/security/gopass
make install


cd /usr/ports/security/gopass
make install

Other Operating Systems

Please visit for a list of binary releases

From Source

Run go install to install gopass from source.